Omaï tchair! Extraordinary sitting

Omaï tchair! Extraordinary sitting

Omaï tchair!

This is the name of a brand new collection of seating and chairs, made ​​on the basis of upcycling.

The Upcycling but so what is it ?

It is to revisit & give new life to old objects from the past, making them more elegant, more beautiful, more current in a eco-responsible approach in opposition to the creation of mass ... more impersonal.

A concept in the zeitgeist, environmental & 100% Made in France!

Born from the desire to make beautiful with lovely old carcasses, but also for the pleasure of creating unique pieces by playing with fabrics and materials of the time and because I can not keep everything at home ... unfortunately ... I china parts blow heart I retype, repaint & dressed with the help of artisans partner with whom I work on my design projects ... I can also search for specific colors to marry within your foundation and your desires!