J.M. Lagny sur Marne 77 (june 2009)

" I lived for several years in a small apartment in Paris with three identical pieces in a row, no real bathroom, no functional ...

Moving or resurface and all the decoration ? Neither seemed possible solutions to a very good meeting through mutual friends with Madame La Fée Caro .

Some appointment , a feeling that passes and a few months later I was living in the apartment of my dreams :

a kitchen, a private bathroom worthy of a thousand and one night and deco all straight out of my dreams show.

Fairies Deco have all managed redevelopment plans , site supervision , deliveries, receptions and even paint finishes and managed in a fairy hand in Carolina .

Today my apartment seems to have almost doubled in size as space is optimized and the decoration looks perfect for me and all this in my budget of course.

Fairies Deco thank you!

Séréna - Paris 12th (June 2010)

" From a small city apartment for a great all- white apartment was a change ... take the opportunity to change ALL the furnishings and decor folly when we are" ignorant " in this area ... Luckily Google us discover " the tale Deco " .

The magic of a fairy that after an afternoon interview , it disappears .... then reappeared two weeks later with colored plates three dimensions representing your future " home" furnished, decorated bibeloté ... and you say : "It is here that I wanted , it’s beautiful ... yes I’m here , this is my home "

Most of the Fairy Caroline, is that most shopping list is ready and it not only can arrange deliveries , but also organize projects with other artists and artisans ... I even surprise ( but shhh ... ) with a screwdriver in his hand going up the last furniture.

Result: a dream apartment where you feel comfortable , at home, and a unique style that is all we envious compliments from our friends and visitors ... "

Thank you " fairies Deco " -