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Meet at your home for a consultation on site: 180 € for 1:30 hours (or 360 € for 3 hours)) for Paris and the Paris region . Other contact us. Possibility of holding a telephone appointment after receiving your photos and maps by email.

- Study and analysis of your needs , your needs and your desires to suit your budget .
- Determination of your decorating style , orientation and color materials , advice & implementation of distribution spaces on site.
- Search for optimizing site solutions.
- Meters and shooting of (s) room (s ) to consider if you plan further study and measurement (see below our different formulas Deco à la carte) .

Formulas Deco map

After our first appointment , we offer different packages tailored to your needs and your budget:

I - INTERIOR DESIGN - The Archi Book - custom designs from 880 € per room / unit

Your apartment seems too small? The rooms are poorly distributed and the traffic is not optimized? You plan to create spaces measures your desires? Better organize your storage? Change kitchen, bathroom or create a dressing room, a library, a children’s area to measure?

After our first appointment , we offer a comprehensive study for interior design & custom layout of your property. This study was conducted in three phases:

Phase 1: APS (preliminary design) which defines the outline of your project.

This phase includes:
- 1 development plan with study of volumes of your room
- Some sketches for a perceptive summary overview of your project
- One study estimated technical work after the appointment of the future site (s) artisan (s)

Phase 2: ODA (before detailed design). This second phase validates your future project.

This second phase includes:
- Detailed plans rated
- Elevations, sections , perspectives
- Electrical diagrams
- Implementation Plan
- Selection of colors, fabrics & materials
- Sample presentation materials & colors
- Quote accurate & detailed craftsmen to suit your budget

Not included in the Arch Book & on request
- Selection of decorative accessories in line with the draft study
- New research / studies
- New 3d view

Phase 3: monitoring the work.
This last phase is to coordinate , plan and manage your work.
Our fees are between 10% and 15% of the overall work.

We selected over the years a general renovation companies , one painter and decorator , one carpenter and one tapestry upholstery with whom we have a pleasure to work , in fact , they knew , on each site , let us know their knowledge , their expertise , their common sense , their taste for work well done , well done, their honesty and sympathy :-)


Accompanying shopping 1/2 day 3 hours 320 €

You want to make your shopping decoration shop directly without fear of bad associations of products, colors or materials? After our first date, we perform a preset upstream of furniture, decorative accessories and other fabrics for your curtains, seats... in various shops in the proposed budget and your style, then we meet for a morning of shopping in the boutiques of the capital! We will benefit, where possible, discounts negotiated in advance by us, the amount of your purchases

Le p’tit Book Déco from 580 € per space

You already have most of your furniture, but you need the advice and the watchful eye of a professional and that little extra that makes all the difference to harmonize your entire room consistently?

After our first appointment at your home, we offer:
- A small selection of decorative accessories (pillows, plaid, paintings, carpets, curtains, small seats, linens, lamps, dishes, candle holders... )
- A color study for your walls.

Everything will be presented as a mood board with:

- A selection of decorative items & small furniture, with item, price & address of the selected shops.
- Study by dedicated function space.
- Send the file by email.

- Development of specifications for upholstery or decorative painter surcharge artisans.

Le Book Déco from 880€ per space

Want to review everything in your room, floor to ceiling?

After our first appointment at your home, we offer a comprehensive study of the decoration of your room including:

- A sheet of reasoned atmosphere
- The implementation plan to scale
- Selection of appropriate furniture & decorative objects ( curtains, cushions, rugs, lamps , tables ... )
- A study colored walls & floors
- Achieving a 3d view your future interior .
- Presentation of a selection of material samples & colors
- Quote by artisans post intervention
- File delivered by hand

Study space dedicated to a function.
For a large open room with living + dining room: on request

Not included in the book deco and quotes:

- Additional appointment
- New research / studies
- New 3d view

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