" I lived for several years in a small apartment in Paris with three identical pieces in a row, no real bathroom, no functional ...

Moving or resurface and all the decoration ? Neither seemed possible solutions to a very good meeting through mutual friends with Madame La Fée Caro .

Some appointment , a feeling that passes and a few months later I was living in the apartment of my dreams :

a kitchen, a private bathroom worthy of a thousand and one night and deco all straight out of my dreams show.

Fairies Deco have all managed redevelopment plans , site supervision , deliveries, receptions and even paint finishes and managed in a fairy hand in Carolina .

Today my apartment seems to have almost doubled in size as space is optimized and the decoration looks perfect for me and all this in my budget of course.

Fairies Deco thank you!

Séréna - Paris 12th (June 2010)

" From a small city apartment for a great all- white apartment was a change ... take the opportunity to change ALL the furnishings and decor folly when we are" ignorant " in this area ... Luckily Google us discover " the tale Deco " .

The magic of a fairy that after an afternoon interview , it disappears .... then reappeared two weeks later with colored plates three dimensions representing your future " home" furnished, decorated bibeloté ... and you say : "It is here that I wanted , it’s beautiful ... yes I’m here , this is my home "

Most of the Fairy Caroline, is that most shopping list is ready and it not only can arrange deliveries , but also organize projects with other artists and artisans ... I even surprise ( but shhh ... ) with a screwdriver in his hand going up the last furniture.

Result: a dream apartment where you feel comfortable , at home, and a unique style that is all we envious compliments from our friends and visitors ... "

Thank you " fairies Deco " -

J.M. Lagny sur Marne 77 (june 2009)

" Failure of ideas or too scattered ideas, we needed help to advance the full refresh our stairwell left to 70 . Caroline , the decor fairy came to look at our hopeless case.
We then gathered our ideas , sorted , stored and selected according to our tastes and personalities timeless , elegant and poetic atmosphere as was expected .
Full of large and small colorful ideas , furniture , accessories and address data here and there rely butt gives the result !
For a small budget nothing better to finalize our project works on paper . We now have our logbook to follow with a clear sense of direction to keep our heads and especially in this stairwell totally transformed. The decor fairy was available for our project , responsive, effective and creative ! Listening it has adapted to our personalities and tastes while respecting our budget constraints ! "

Isabelle - Rueil Malmaison 92

" After long carved head to decorate our living room, we find too wide or too little , depending on the positioning of furniture, we called The Fairy Deco, who, after a personal study , found the solution harmony with our lifestyle. Thanks again. "

Blandine - Paris 12th

"December is usually a month of festivities and for us it is also a month of relocation / moving ! A new " sweet home " ... In anticipation of our move , we thought the Fairies Deco . It was to structure the ideas that we had to have the endorsement of an expert and a final presentation idea of this beautiful project. Listening to our needs, environmental concerns (eg awareness with the least harmful paints, use of recycled materials ) and taking into account our financial situation were appreciated. Decorating our house is in good hands . It only remains to implement ! "

Pascale and Jude - ( 91)

" My main room became a cozy nest where life is good and creates the right mood. This makeover brings me much good because the colors be happily married , my ideas were perfectly satisfied. Bravo and thank you fairy deco Caroline. "

Marie Laure - Paris 17th

" The kitchen project that you have offered us is almost complete : the furniture and appliances are placed , quite in line with plans and 3d view you had offered us and respect our gôuts and our lifestyles . the mosaic tiled is placed , there are only painting the walls and resin floor to ask I called you because it is sometimes difficult to realize such a project alone : lack of imagination, not time to look around , not always sure of her choice. Thanks to you I found the pleasure of participating when even this achievement and I am delighted.
The best compliments I got from my friends who have experienced the " before and after ".
Thank you for all the advice and this achievement.
Yours .
A very satisfied customer. "

PS I will certainly use your services again for making our bath room

Martine - Verberie (60)

" A larger than the previous apartment , modern rooms opposite our dear moldings and fireplaces Paris early 20th ! So hard to get into the decor of this new living space ... and in particular how to combine our stay / living room with our furniture and frames before? What colors to choose for the walls? to these questions and many others, Caroline was able to meet and advise us with great skill and tact in questioning our tastes, our desires, our contradictions. We especially enjoyed the 3D view of our living / dining room transformed by the magic wand and his book brings together all the decorating ideas for our stay. the result is amazing especially the harmony of colors completely successful .
It feels good to us! Caroline thank you , thank you fairies decor! "

Christophe and Bruno - Paris 12th (March 2011)

Need a decorative idea , a coach in your decor shopping , a fitter for your home decor ... Do not look any further, you are on the right site! Fairies Deco are there or rather the decor fairy Caro is .
We found our house and had a lot of ideas but may be too scattered. Caroline has put us on the right track . We trusted him 300%. And the result is there ! !
Very good choice of colors , tapestry for the walls and furniture decoration. The shopping list has really helped us to decorate as and when our house. Today , we are delighted .

Recommend + + +

Audrey & Mickael (93 Rosny sous Bois - April 2011)

" A small space , full of ideas, different style and no thread .
An appointment with the fairies decor and our project came to life . Caroline was available throughout our project. Listening , professionalism and dynamism make it an outstanding decorator ! "

Samira and Manuel (94 - Villejuif - June 2012)